• You must be over 13 to attend the hackathon and under 21 to participate as a hacker. If you are over 21 and would like to volunteer instead for our event, please refer to the following form: . You will not need to register on Devpost if you would like to volunteer. 
  • You can join even if you only want to attend the workshops! It's also alright if you sign up and learn or decide later that you cannot attend for whatever reason, though we would prefer if you emailed us about this in advance. However, only hackers who submit a project on Devpost will receive swag. 
  • You may build off of an old project, but please specify what was worked on during the hackathon. You may also submit to other hackathons as long as the other hackathon also allows this. If you are not sure, please contact them regarding this. 
  • Please also respect the rules specified on our Discord channel once you join it. Anyone who fails to consistenly follow these rules may be removed from the server to help ensure a safe environment for our other attendees. 
  • Have fun! This hacakthon is a chance to meet new people and learn new things. If you would like to suggest a way to help make this experience better for you, please contact us at You can also contact us using the text channel ask-organizers or the voice channel talk-with-organizer on our Discord server.